The project is based on the exchange of instructors in the following; Carpentry training, Tailoring and

Entrepreneurship. The project’s main funder is FK Norway and the main coordinating partners is Fuss

(Flora Upper Secondary School, Norway). The other partners are Uganda Youth skills Training

Organization and Nkhotakota Youth Organization, Malawi.

The case of UYSTO, the project is expected of the following outputs:

  • Improved employability and access to start up support
  • Improved productivity and profits of products produced
  • UYSTO capacity and service delivery to be strengthened.

The project is targeting the youth, teenager mothers, widows and widowers.

The project is based on the 3rounds 1/2/3 of exchange.

Due to increased drop out number of girls in schools, UYSTO decided to train science teachers, senior women teachers, students and instructors to constantly produce and provide reusable sanitary pads to a poor urban girl child since the project will keep 40% of girls in school. These sanitary pads will be produced by students themselves and our instructors using the tools provided by UYSTO and this will ensure constant supply of reusable pads to girls in schools.

The challenge is that girls are dropping out of school due to lack of sanitary pads. This is now common in developing countries Uganda being one with most of the drop outs. Research done by Build Africa has shown that bigger number of girls in Uganda is dropping out school tremendously. Our project will benefit girls in poor urban schools i.e. Primary and secondary schools.

The project will train teachers, students and technician Instructors to locally produce reusable sanitary pads with cheap materials and tools. This will also help the girls to produce their own pads at anywhere and with cheap materials like pieces of cloth, threads and hand needles. Technician Instructors will constantly remain in production of sanitary pads such that girls can always access them at any time when the demand raises. Constant production and at personal level will solve this problem.

With this project, we are going to increase on the enrolment of girls in schools by 40% for a long period of time since they will be now with skills of producing for themselves, moreover using readily available materials and tools like hand needles, any piece of cloth around so long as it is washed and ironed. There will be also employment to those who will take far this project i.e. like producing for sale to women who cannot afford to buy disposal sanitary pads.10000 people will be affected.

This project is being fundraised for all over the world through Global giving.


Some of the activities that tools from TWAM help us in is training young people to have a very living brigter and self reliant life

In Uganda youth Skills Training Organization,the following are being carried out:

We are advocating for technical Vocational Skills Training, as this is automatically including all youths in and out of schools or local communities, teenagers mothers, window and widowers .This equips the youths with the hope of earning a living at all cost. Because at least some handy skills will be obtained at early stages of growth and at the finger tips of the beneficiary.We are establishing technical vocational training centers at all levels of schools ie Primary levels, local council youths communities Secondary levels ,college levels and any other interested institutions like universities.
We are training Kiburi primary teachers college in tailoring over 258 students such that they help in strengthening the sensitization tools to the population about the values and importance of vocational skills development and training to the future generation of Uganda

We are training Uganda martyr’s primary school with over 150 young people.
We have trained 132 young people in tailoring at Makerere Church of Uganda primary school and 80 young people in carpentry at Nabagereka Primary school. We have trained over 30 teenager mothers in tailoring and candle making.

We sustain vocational training centers.

We carry out mobilization and sensitization to communities about technical vocational skills development and its impact in getting rid of unemployment , which is a big problem here in Uganda and other related challenges that affect the youths.We have been also given a land for constructing vocational skills training center and HIV/AIDS clinic for youth and we are looking for any kind of support to put this into place.

The vocational courses we offer include:
Carpentry, Tailoring, Plumbing,Information Computer technology (ICT) brick laying concrete and practice,leather and shoe works,and many more to come.

We have also started a program called youth in service,this program is intended for all senior levels in our catchment areas and this is for only 4 months and the program is to open to all the youths.

Along side vocational programs ,we also collect books from donar countries and give them to the communities for developing personal reading,reading for pleasure and promotion of reading literacy levels to our partner institutions.

In Uganda Youth Skills Training Organization, we have found it convenient to carry out sensitization daily to the youth because if they are to keep updated, it takes much time for one to get involved in activities that would lead him/her to getting HIV/AIDS and we also supporting HIV/AIDS victims .

We also distributing condoms at our office and we thank our partners who help us in getting these materials to effectively run our programs.

We have partnered with Uganda Youth Anti-AIDS Association and we are very happy for the support the are rendering to us.
We do reproductive and health talk shows to the youth and provide with them materials in handling the reproductive issues and any organization with such materials you can avail them to us to provide the services to young people.
Material include,information about reproductive and health issues,sanitary pads etc

We establish vocational skills training centers for HIV/AIDS victims for supporting them in daily income for a living.
We do counseling and refer our clients to our partner organizations for testing.

This is where we have come with projects which supplement to the urban poor UPE  child in attaining the education successfully.Products from hands on training are  sold off and provide clothes,books ,pens and needs to keep the child in school as this brings down the levels of illiteracy and paves way for development as they would be able to read and count.

We also give reading for pleasure lessons to such groups of people especially those ones at local councils.

Uganda Youth Skills Training Organization, has identified another group of orphans to support in Lubaga division.

As  regarding the environmental conservation and global warming effects in Uganda,Uganda Youth Skills Training Organization is struggling to make sure that environmental conservation levels increase as this would check the global warming effects.

And these are some of the activities we are involved in :
We provide environmental education to the communities
Tree planting  and we have planted over 600 pine spices in western Uganda,in Kiruhura District in kanoni sub-county.
Our western coordinator has done it with our efforts to plant the 600 pine trees.
We are also advising communities on how best they can turn waste materials into useful products ie by practicing 6Rs,getting  manure,for school gardensWe are carrying out intensive sensation in communities about environmental conservation.
We are reducing amount of polythene papers with paper bags to reduce on the plastic effect on the soils.
We are calling upon any body to come and support tree planting in Western part of Uganda,Kiruhura.
We are training communities in how to harvest safe water locally in a newly declared Kiruhura district western part of UgandaKiruhura is a semi-Arid area which needs government ,donors and volunteer support to make it more green.
A lot of green cover has been cleared by the communities in their attempts to prepare land for farming
Uganda Youth skills Training Organization together with her partner organization Environment in Movement institute Brazil to reach over 12000a  young people in environmental issues using theater plays, games etc .My partner is also trying to organize volunteers such that they can come here in Uganda and put a hand of assistance in the environment programs.

We also planning to establish Eco tourism (program ) at UYSTO Kiruhura branch.All tourists are encouraged to visit the place  the place is near  L.MburoNP, Costs to travel to L. Mburo National Park is only 7000/ from the UYSTP