Technical Vocational Skills

  • Intensive mobilization, information and education on vocational skills, advocacy for vocational skills and communication campaigns development among communities.
  • Sensitizing and encouraging schools to establish vocational training centers.
  • Vocational skills training  i.e. carpentry, tailoring, computer, leather tanning and shoe making, paper bag making etc
  • Career guidance to students regarding the type of education to take.
  • Workshops about vocational skills development
  • Training of TOTs in vocational skills.

Environmental Programs

Community  sensitization about tree planting and its impact on the local environment.

Raising awareness about waste management and carbon emissions.

Information campaigns to raise awareness on climate change within the community.

Planning to establish Eco-tourism for our volunteers.

Environmental education through theater plays and other modes of communication e.g Music, etc

Psychological Support for Vulnerable children

Phyco-social support for vulnerable young people.

Initiating income generating projects for vulnerable children at their schools.

Teaching in schools and polytechnics, primary, secondary schools


  • Name of the work camp:        Painting.
  • Camp Activities  :        Wall sand papering, scraping, and painting.
  • Duration :                     2weeks
  • Camp fees :                   500 Euros
  • Start date :                    18th -29th Aug/2016
  • Number of Volunteers:    25
  • Venue:                           Buloba, Wakiso District
  • Distance:                      10km from the Center of Kampala City.
  • Beneficiary:                  UYSTO UPE partners school.

About the Painting Work Camp

WorkcampBefore the introduction of Universal primary education program, the current UPE implementing schools were both church and Islam founded schools. With the introduction of this UPE program, the founding bodies left all the responsibilities to the government, and government being with many responsibilities in its other sectors, coupled with limited resources, finds it hard to rebuild/repair the school infrastructure.

UYSTO being one of the organizations fighting for young people’s quality education, puts much emphasis in organizing work camps to pool together, little resources available from her international partners to put right the UPE infrastructure facilities or putting in place the new ones, In case of constructing new buildings, the land is provide by the school promoters

With back ground above, UYSTO is organizing the work camp for painting its partner school

(St Balikudembe Tomi Primary school in Wakiso)


  • To promote Universal Primary Education
  • To create a good and favorable learning environment for the pupils
  • To promote communal work and presenting good practices from universal primary education promoters
  • To create an international sustainable collaboration among the world generation for the purposes of development


  • Name of the work camp:         Vegetable growing.
  • Camp Activities :                       Evading, Transplanting, Watering and mulching
  • Duration :                          2 weeks
  • Camp fees:                         500 Euros
  • Start date :                         16th -29th June/ 2016
  • Volunteer Positions:        25 people.
  • Venue:                                 Mpigi District.
  • Distance :                           45km from the Center of Kampala City.
  • Beneficiary :                     UYSTO UPE partners school

About The Vegetables Growing Work Camp

Most Ugandan Universal Primary Education (UPE) undergoing pupils are not provided with lunch and yet hungry student cannot study well.

A few parents who attempt to provide lunch, they can only afford to provide posho and beans yet this diet is not balanced for the school going child.

UYSTO and its partners thought it wise to add on their menu greens in sustainable manner by organizing work camps where youth from all over the world come together and plant vegetable for their fellow young people in Universal Primary Education schools. This is done by organizing vegetable growing work camps. These work camps do not major only on the main activity but also accesses other opportunities among the participants; like culture sharing, skills and talent sharing, ideas sharing to mention a few.


  • To provide balanced diet to pupils in schools
  • To reduce 50% of unbalanced diet diseases among the pupils
  • To create and promote a sustainable networking platform for the future generation
  • To promote international young people’s organizations’ participation in the African organisations
  • To release zero hunger as one of the sustainable development goal number 2


Thereafter, we shall visit Katwe salt mining in Lubirizi District and Queen Elizabeth National

at volunteers contribution.


The fee includes accommodation for the period of the camp (always 1 week), buying of watering cans, pick up from the Airport Entebbe to the venue and if possible that the volunteers can arrive in 1-2 groups, then it would be one way of saving.


If you want to volunteer  with Skills4Youth in Uganda and don’t know what it takes, please get in touch with us via email and tell us how you can help us, what are your skills and personality and why do you wish to get involved.

We welcome applications from all backgrounds and countries and we are ready to give back a fantastic cultural experience!